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The Decorative Canopy Bedroom Sets

The Decorative Canopy Bedroom Sets

Canopy bedroom sets are among the options of bedroom to choose when it comes to the matters of bedroom decoration. What actually is a canopy bed? The general definition of this style of bed is a bed having commonly 4 posts placed on each corner of the bed itself. The purpose of the posts is the place to hang ornate or decorative piece of fabric. The fabric will look like a canopy on top of the bed so that the name is canopy bed.

Canopy Bedroom Sets Functions

Are you wondering about the actual function of the fabric installed on top of the bed right on the four posts? The original function of the fabric back then at the time the canopy bed was popularly used in the medieval period was to give more privacy. Kings and noblemen back then were having the canopy bed so that their privacy could be kept very well by using the installed fabric on the four posts of the bed. The fact that usually the attendants or guards of the kings or noblemen were slept in the same room is the basic thing leading to the presence of the canopy bed for better privacy.

Along the development of the canopy bedroom sets, today we could see the modern styled canopy bed replacing the original version. There are the categories of modern canopy bed to find that are contemporary and traditional. The traditional one is usually having Victorian look with intricately carvings on the frames and posts.

Meanwhile the contemporary style version delivers simpler look on its design without complicated designs and ornamentations. Yet the idea of using the fabric to give more privacy is also faded a bit since today the fabric is often very thin and also transparent at the same time. Today the use of canopy bedroom sets is often associated to bring more romantic and intimate atmosphere inside the bedroom.

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