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Potted Plants Growing Activity

Potted Plants Growing Activity

Gardening is one of the favorable activity that you can do with your family especially with the kids who primary interest to this activity which can be started from the potted plants growing time. You need to choose the simplest way in growing the potted plants for the kids are still beginners. They need such easy way to do them all. These simple steps that you can try are the simplest way in doing this very interesting activity.

Simple Steps to Grow Potted Plants

The very beginning that you need to do is by preparing all the things related to this activity including pot, potting mix, plant, and water. To make it more interesting, you can choose such painting pot for children or you can just paint it with your kids before. You might use such container to change the pot. Try to reuse the things, like can or bottle, to substitute the function of the pot. Kids will actually more interested by using such garbage things in growing potted plants.

Next, to make it easier, you are also better using growing plant that you can buy in the market rather than using seeds. The growing plant will grow well when the potting mix is great. Try to mix the soil and fertilizer in 1:1 measurement. For example, you add 1 cup soil, so you need to add 1 cup fertilizer. Put them until a half full. Then, put the plants and cover again with the rest of the potting mix until the pot is full.

Finally, you need to water the plants. Ask your kids to water them regularly and take care for them like by cutting the unwilling trunk and place them in such good temperature. In addition, growing such beautiful plants can be done with your lovely family and it can become such fun activity. The simple thing to make the kids interested to this gardening activity is by growing potted plants in fun way.

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