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Hardscape Ideas for Backyard Gardens

Hardscape Ideas for Backyard Gardens

So many hardscape ideas are actually available to be incorporated when you are dealing with your backyard garden. Aside of the fact that the backyard might just be a small one you will still need to maximize everything so that it looks great. These are several things that you might need to know if you are in the middle of enhancing your backyard garden that is actually in a small space.

Small Gardens Hardscape Ideas

One thing that you could do in dealing with the limited space in your backyard garden is to actually only use the same material for the paving. When the space is large, combining different materials of paving will be able to bring a more unique look of the paving. Meanwhile in smaller space it could bring a more crowded feeling inside the area itself that is not good. Thus stick for one paving material in applying your hardscape ideas when the space is limited.

Moreover in installing a patio as one of the hardscape ideas especially in small sized gardens be sure to elevate the patio a little bit. It is advisable to have the patio lifted up in within 3 to 4 feet above. This thing will deliver an accent of larger feeling of the garden or yard itself. Furthermore it is also a great solution to deal with any problem of puddles and mud if you have one of those in your garden.

If you plan to install fencing system as one of your hardscape ideas, be sure to go for an open fencing style instead of a tall and full sized solid fencing. The lower height of the fence along with the open look of it will bring a feeling of larger area of the garden itself. Those are several things as the hardscape ideas to deal with small sized backyard gardens of anyone.

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