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Distressed Kitchen Cabinets to Build an Old Look

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets to Build an Old Look

Having Distressed Kitchen Cabinets is something that is interesting and uncommon. However, it can be expensive sometimes, moreover if you do not plan your decoration. Thus, doing this way of decoration can change the design and atmosphere in your kitchen so that you do not feel bored in your own kitchen. A good kitchen can always make the owner feel comfortable to be in kitchen cook for her family.

So, what is Distressed Kitchen Cabinets? Do you know what this is? Many people may not know about distressed cabinets. So, distressed cabinets are those cabinets which have old look paint. The cabinets look old because the paint is like about to gone but actually it is the result of some modification of the paints by healing some paint and adding some dark color into your cabinet.

Steps to Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

You can do the process of Distressed Kitchen Cabinets by doing several ways. The first step is preparing the area you want to distress by cleaning the surface and remove all things around it. The second step, you can sand and add color in this step into your cabinets. The last step, create the look of distressed cabinets with a rag. In the end, do not forget to put seal of your result with polycrylic.

So, are you ready to have your own distressed cabinets? By doing some of those simple steps you can have an old but catchy look of cabinets. You do not have to renovate or remodel your kitchen in such a complicated way to get a different atmosphere into your kitchen. What you have to do is just doing the process to make distressed cabinet. If you think that you have not understood about the steps above, you can try to search through the internet about Distressed Kitchen Cabinets.

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